Z'jai Kha

pretty hiss machine

This tall and perpetually grumpy looking Xaela may seem intimidating, but fear not, that's just the way his sweet little face looks. An ex-assassin, blade for hire, and participator in sinister avenues of skullduggery, Z'jai now finds himself leading a quiet and less perilous life of hobbyist endeavours. He is an accomplished botanist and can often be found traveling far and wide to harvest herbs and spices to use in making tea.

the details

i was made heavy
half blade and half silk
difficult to forget
and not easy for the mind to follow

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intro - the basics

Pronounced jai ka (soft j; the z is just for looks)
Nicknames Z by close friends only.
Race/Gender Au Ra (Xaela); Male.
Age/Name Day 34; 21st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon.
Deity Althyk, The Keeper.
Orientation Pansexual.
Relationship Happily bonded to Pyotyr Ilych. ♡
Hair color Silver with crimson highlights.
Eye color Amber with bright gold limbal rings.
Complexion Ashen with deep black-violet scales.
Height Just over 7 fulms.
Weight 195 ponze, give or take a few.
Residence Owns a home in the Lavender beds. Can often be found at Pyotyr's clinic, fixing something or napping by the ocean.
Occupations Proprietor of The Raven's Kettle teahouse and brewpub. Ex-combat specialist and assassin. Ex-treasure hunter.
Hobbies Bladesmith, carpenter, builder and botanist.
MBTI ENTJ - The Commander
Alignment Chaotic Good with a strong Neutral streak.


Steadfast, resilient, companionable, charismatic. Can be a real delight to interact with if you catch him at the right time and with the right subject matter. Loves to learn and is very determined and dedicated with whatever he is studying at the time, and is often shouldering multiple projects at once. Wildly confident in himself and what he is skilled at, yet generally is aware enough to know when he's out of his league. Loyal and furyhearted to a fault, and won't hesitate to put himself on the front lines for the few he considers close.

Moody; can sometimes come off as flippant and petulant. Very much a prickly pear unless he's feeling social, and can be difficult to approach in these situations. Has the tendency to throw himself headfirst into new endeavors and can become blinded with obsession. Struggles with empathy towards others emotions and can come off as cold or aloof in some, usually delicate, situations. Has a temper, but is generally mindful enough to funnel his fury into non-reckless behavior. Can hold a grudge to the grave.

Personality Quirks
• Sometimes struggles with language and the nuance therein; 50% of well-laid jokes will zoom right over his head.
• Tends to exude a childlike glee and wonder when exposed to new things or ideas he finds particularly fascinating.
• Often wears glasses for aesthetic purposes only; his vision is just fine.
• Never learned to read until as of late; he is diligent but still struggles with complex things. The same goes for writing; his handwriting is, in his words, 'pointy and awkward'.
• Really likes cute, fluffy animals. Sheep are his #1. Possibly embarassed by this fact.

It depends on when you ask him; as his interests vary by the week it seems. Z'jai is a jack of all trades and is skilled in carpentry; he loves fixing things and can really get into the organizational nuances of home repair. An accomplished botanist, he loves taking time to be a nomad and travel to harvest herbs and spices for one of his more favored hobbies - teamaking. (This extends into one of his other favorite hobbies - distilling gin.) He's also an accomplished bladesmith and currently learning Doman sword-folding, but struggles with the complexity of it. And as of late he's been quite enamored with the prospect of raising bees and building their hives completely by hand with his own sourced lumber.

In short, his hands are never idle.

ooc info

Yo! I'm Sami and I've been doing this roleplay thing for a long time, like a LONG time, like AOL Red Dragon Inn a long time. (I may have just dated myself there, huh. Whatever~) I'm fairly versed in everything from chat RP to journal-style games and in-game MMO style, obvs. I thoroughly enjoy creating characters and fleshing them out through interactive play - fun fact, Z'jai is probably one of my favorites I've ever played!

I won't tell you the first video games I ever played 'cause that'll hella carbon date me too, but I'm a huge fan of the FF series as a whole, and JRPGs overall. If I had to pick a favorite game ever it'd likely be Suikoden II. I've played a fair amount of MMOs, from World of Warcraft to Guild Wars to SW:TOR and Secret World (which I preordered way back when and still enjoy a lot NGL, I'm a sucker for Eldritch lore-stuff) Other favorites include but aren't limited to the Persona series, Danganronpa (2&3 mostly), Skyrim, HL2, Civ V, or just give me a SNES with Super Metroid and I'm a happy lizard. <3

RP Relationships
I'm open to anything that may provide potential quality RP with my character. If you are interested in my cranky banana and have any ideas to make them accidentally bump into each other or initiate contact, don't be afraid to reach me! :) I'm happy to roleplay in-game or over Discord (Sami#6248) most anytime; I'm never bothered and welcome the interaction. <3 I'm in the EST timezone and am generally in-game on nights and weekends as Z'jai Kha @ Balmung. I thoroughly enjoy plot-building with others and creating meaningful storylines; I also truly love writing for Z'jai and will always jump at the opportunity to do so. Similarly, I have a very thick skin and not much offends me, but please don't be a dick. Let's all play nice~